Are you ready to experience a deeper, richer, more meaningful, spiritually grounded life? Your spiritual and personal growth will be accelerated with our practical Spiritual Education provided by people who are already walking a spiritual path of mindfulness, meditation, intentional manifestation, connection, and love. 

We know that life feels faster and busier than ever before. That's why we are committed to making our program easily accessible to support you in learning and applying these profound ideas and deep practices to your life. 

Our courses are designed to develop your consciousness, sense of connection, and ability to demonstrate a life that works, as we work together to create a world that works. Our instructors have years of experience in spirituality while living in the real world. Let us walk the path with you, provide insight, guidance, and encouragement as you create the life you came here to live and become the person you came here to be.

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What Do We Teach?


Learn more about what makes CSLDallas such a transformative place. And the community that is powering this website.

We have created this course as a way to understand more about our beliefs, culture, and ways you can connect with others in the community.

We want to make sure that this great fit for all that visit. So this is also a great way to give you some framework around what we teach.

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Your Soul Is Calling You!


Awaken yourself to your true potential!

In this E-course we have created a multi-media experience designed to show you the Power that lies within you.

We provide an experience that blends both Science and Spiritual tools. We explore what the various stages of consciousness are, and help to give you a path to enlightenment.

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Emergence: Growing The Garden of Your Life!

Was $99 now only $49

What does your life look like now? What type of "Mental Garden" are you looking to grow?

Dr Petra Weldes guides you through this profound process of becoming more self-aware.

After taking this E-course (and any other E-Course) we encourage you to join us in other programs we have throughout the year. Getting you connected to others, providing amazing education, and uplifting the quality of your life.

Manifestation & Mysticism

Was $199 now $149

Learn why Spiritual Mind Treatment has changed countless people's lives!

Dr Petra Weldes walks you step-by-step in understanding this profound ancient wisdom.

The Mindset of the Enlightened Entrepreneur

Was $97 is now $37

Imagine what it would be like to have steady sales come in each month and to absolutely know that people are experiencing a better life because of you!

Let's show why having the right mindset is the key to having a successful business. With the game-changing knowledge inside, The Mindset of the Enlightened Entrepreneur E-course, you'll discover limiting beliefs and how to move past them.

From Prison to Purpose

Was $49 is now $35

We all face challenging situations in our lives. Sometimes we feel like there is no escape. Whether it's relationships, work-life, or just everyday life, it can feel like a prison sentence.

Seneca KMIR Alma served 9 years inside of a physical prison faced with this same problem, yet he was able to create a breakout plan. Now he is here to share that plan with you.

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Just like with many things in life, practicing with others is crucial for real growth.

We want to provide various ways for you to engage with others while on your Spiritual journey. These are free resources for you to use right now.

We have many different ways to do this.

  • Find a physical location near you.
  • Join a small prayer group known as a Sangha.
  • Have fun with others while practicing Spiritual Principles in an Online Circle.
  • Become a digital volunteer and help us to reach even further.

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Our core vision is - A world that works for everyone, and a life that works for me.

Learn why providing education, community, and engaging opportunities is so important to us.

What Others Have Said After Taking The E-Courses

“I will never think about prosperity or money in the same way ever again. I think that anyone who is looking for greater prosperity in life should take the Money Is God In Action E-Course.”   

 - Alan Nail

“I have been with my partner for over 3 years and we learned so many new things about each other in that one hour of taking the Spirit Centered Relationships course.”

- Molly McGowen