Cultivate a Vibrant Life

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” Soren Kierkegaard 

What does a vibrant life look like for you?

Its time to start your garden of growth, success, prosperity, acceptance, and connection!

Now is the perfect time in your life to plant these seeds.

You may have had a few weeds in your life, but that's okay, we have the 5-week plan for you. Dr Petra Weldes is going to give you some practices that you can start today.

In this course, we will do some exercises that help us examine this thinking and start to understand it from the spiritual perspective. This is perfect for any skill level and will undoubtedly open some

Learn about Emergence

This is a great tool for anyone who is wanting to apply Science of Mind techniques to their life today!

Learn about Spiritual tools that you can use today

Have you ever tried to garden with a hammer?

Well although the hammer is useful it may not be the right tool for the job. The same is true for our lives, when we start to learn what tools are available to us we can start to use them in a more useful way.

Dr Petra will give you some guidance on the process and show you how you are already using these tools. Also what some common issues are when it comes to working on areas of your life.

Example Curriculum

  Cultivating a Vibrant Life
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  Plant Intentions with Purpose and Joy!
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  Maximize Your Creative Power
Available in days
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  Patience with the Process
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  Weeding, Pruning, and Composting
Available in days
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Give your new life a little sunlight!

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As a spiritual non-profit based out of the Dallas area, our goal is to empower its members to get connected and utilize Spiritual practices together. Enhancing their life and those that they touch throughout the world. Come join us!